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DISH Mover Program

Move any where in the Nationa and we will reinstall your system for free*


DISHnetwork - Dish Mover Program

Free Satellite Installation with Dish Mover

Take DishNetwork TV with you and enjoy free satellite installation if you have to move. The Dish Mover program allows you to continue enjoying premium DishNetwork entertainment whether you move across town, out of state, anywhere you go. Free satellite installation is a nice perk available with the Dish Mover program, but there's more. Here's a look at the process. Anytime you move, a Dish Network technician will install a new TV dish antenna to the roof of your home, plus setup any existing Dish TV receivers you have inside your new residence. The Dish Mover program also puts qualifying subscribers in line for a great deal on a DVR or HD DVR upgrade. See about enjoying free satellite installation and host of other conveniences available with Dish Mover.

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